Abelia Sunshine Daydream (abelops)

It’s like waiting for a bus ….. ages go by and then several come at once! It’s the same with new plants really!

There have been a few New Abelia’s  over the past few years, but one outstanding new introduction, Bred by Ron Van Opstal from Zundert caught my attention earlier this year! Namely Sunshine daydream, it has a strong spreading habit, big pink flowers (for an Abelia!) and is very reliable in production, which results in less wastage I have experienced a large cutting yield per motherplant,  a quicker saleable product , and year-round colour, which will give multi season interest at the retail end. The comparisons in the image below show Abelia kaleidoscope to the left with Sunshine Daydream in the centre you can see the finished plants are full rounded and bushy. Abelia Confetti is to the right.

Sunshine Daydream won a silver medal at Plantarium 2009.

Through Plantipp and Genesis, production licenses have been given to 3 UK nurseries and as a result it was displayed by several ALP Liner producers at the HTA National Plant Show back in June where it recieved alot of positive feedback.

Demand for UK grown plants have definitely increased over the last few years and this type of licensing will help growers and retailers to easily source new products which have been UK grown!

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